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Caberg Helmets

Mike Hyde is the author and rider behind the Twisting Throttle series of motorcycling books. If you've read his books you'll see from the pictures is rather attached to his Caberg helmet. Here is what he has to say about the brand:

"I have worn a Caberg helmet since 2006: one of their earlier models without the modern day trappings of bluetooth or flip-face. It is now 2012 and I have just upgraded to a new Caberg. So that's almost 6 years in the one helmet, the Caberg Justissimo, and some 85,000 kms on my sweaty head. And I would not think of swapping brands. In fact I haven't. I've just sent the Justissimo to the pool room and upgraded to a new Cabery Ego Brama. You will have read the manufacturer's blurb about their helmets and possibly read some online reviews. However take it from a real user that this brand is a damn good helmet.

The Caberg in question, the one currently on my head, is a beauty. Its somewhat unorthodox main feature is a large sliding sunroof on the top of the helmet. Riding in heat? Slide it back and you're bathed in refreshing cool air around your face. Riding in the rain? Close it up and stay bone dry.

Want to ride along the roads in Rocky Mountain High crooning to John Denver playing on your GPS's MP3 player? Or want to chat to your loved one on the pillion seat? Buy the Bluetooth accessory kit, fit it yourself and enjoy the connectivity.

But here is my take on the Caberg range as a whole, regardless of model:

  1. The Caberg does not let rain in
  2. The cheekpads are very very hard-wearing
  3. The tinted visor is on the inside
  4. The airflow ventilation results in no fogging
  5. Given there is no such thing as a silent helmet, the Caberg noise seems fractional compared to others I've tried
  6. The shape of the helmet is not ostentatious yet cuts a dashing profile in photos – put it down to the Italian style I suppose
  7. You can easily fit new visors
  8. The price of the range is not in the realms of silliness like other brands. You can get way cheaper helmets but good luck. Frankly I won't compromise on that one item of kit.

We all attach ourselves to a brand and swapping a good helmet is not like changing gloves each year. I've browsed through the others and for value for money the Caberg stands out. "

Mike Hyde

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